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About ME

Hello, my name is Taylor and I like to carve cute animals! All jokes aside, this is my dream job.


Each carving that I have done has been so much more than just a cute animal. Each carving has its own personality and its own story.

A little bit more about me...

I have always loved art, animals, working with tools, and nature...making this my dream job. I went to school in New Hampshire and graduated with my bachelors in Nursing. I worked for serval years as a RN on a ventilator unit throughout the COVID pandemic. After two years of nursing I found myself in a life draining routine and needed a drastic change. I made the bold decision to leave the field of Nursing and start a new chapter as a chainsaw carver. we are!

It was a rough journey but I am so thankful to have finally found my calling! I am also thankful to all my customers that have trusted me with their carvings and their stories. That trust is what has allowed me to continue to grow as a chainsaw artist and continue doing what I love each and every day!

I would love to hear your awesome and unique carvings ideas! The possibilities are endless!

chainsaw caving a fish.jpg
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